January 23, 2016

League of Assassin APK MOD Unlimited Money + Potion

Download League of Assassin  ,New Update With Version 1.0.3

League of Assassin is the most real action game. And offline game with online RPG gameplay. With the latest action fighting engine and the cool combo hit. League of Assassin, enables you to experience the real original arcade fighting.
League of Assassin the inherit of arcade games, but a tribute to classics. The soul of arcade games are never gone. Classic, playable, multiple roles, various combo hit to choose. Horizontal version of fighting can Ignite your passion, Endless combo can makes you blood pumping and exciting!let's hunt the people who fall into the shadow.

||Game: League of Assassin  ||
||Version:  1.0.3  ||
||Android : 2.3 ||
||Market: https://play.google.com/.legend   ||
||Internet: Not Required ||
||Mod:   Unlimited Money [Add Some] + Potion  ||
||Tested: Yes - Working ||


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Min , ini mod goldnya ga work . Maksudnya (Add some) apaan ya min ? Kurang paham . Awal main kan goldnya 0 trus pas tutorial awal goldnya udah banyak aja trus pas mau di pake malah muncul tulisan "lack money" "pay failled" itu kenapa ya ? Yang work cuma mod diamond doang . Trus nih game kadang suka force close sendiri, padahal ramnya masih ada sisah banyak . Kalo bisa admin fix , saya berterimah kasih banget soalnya punya saya jauh levelnya . Sayang banget kalo harus di uninstall . Tolong ya min ..


Kalo mau up weapon atau skill itu lama . Paling lama 12 jam . Jadi kalo admin bisa fix mod goldnya atau fix masalah force closenya , saya berterimah kasih sangat :D

#Fast Respon min

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Hi. This is game is awesome. A lot golds, diamonds and potions.
But can you upload another mod of this game.

so that i can buy the weapon in the market and i can buy vip package.
thanks author!

itu gold sebenarnya minus(-) makanya nggak bisa beli apapun pakai gold, mau pencet buy disangka nggak punya gold. tolong di fix min.

sama , ane juga gitu . goldnya ga bisa di pake
malah muncul tulisa "lack Money" "pay failled" atau ga malah suka DC sendiri . ane kalo main internetnya di matiin

Please mod Infinite Stairs.