DEAD WARFARE Zombie MOD APK unlimited ammo & health

DEAD WARFARE Zombie MOD APK unlimited ammo

Download direct link " - DEAD WARFARE Zombie APK mod ammo & health" Free modified android shooting games , LATEST VERSION

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DEAD WARFARE Zombie MOD APK unlimited ammo

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Android : 4.1 |
Internet: ONLINE |
Mod: Ammo + Health  |

APK: v1.22.40
Year 2072, the world is surrounded by zombies. The human has to live underground or inside abandoned buildings. There is a group of survivors names MPS-16 who wants to gather other living one. They are travelling around the world to find supplies and survivors.

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There is one issue bro: in pvp also the others have unlimited health! In earlier versions you modded, pvp worked fine, we had unlimited health, opponent not. Could you fix please?? Thanks in advance. Giuli