May 17, 2017

Derelict - FPS Game APK premium

Derelict - FPS Game APK

Download "com.jepr.derelictjepr / Derelict - FPS Game APK Premium" Free Modified Android Games , LATEST VERSION

For over 20 years, this space station was lost. An old facility used as a prison and research facility containing some of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy. Something went wrong here, everyone's dead, it's your mission to enter and collect data from it but... are you really alone in there?

This is a First Person Shooter game taking place in this abandoned station, the game has one game mode: Survival Mode. In future updates campaign and multiplayer will be added into it, as well as new content like new maps, weapons, enemies and general revamping and bug fixes.
Derelict - FPS Game APKDerelict - FPS Game APKDerelict - FPS Game APK

||Market:  com.jepr.derelictjepr  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Internet: Not Required ||
||Root: Not Required ||
||Mod:   --  ||


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