March 12, 2018

Last Habitat APK MOD Unlimited Money

Last Habitat APK MOD Download APK "Last Habitat: Deep Sea Defense MOD Unlimited Money" Free modded strategy games for android.
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Last Habitat APK MOD

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Market: fi.NiceNine.LastHabitat|
Android : 4.1 |
Internet: OFFLINE |
Mod: money  |

APK: v1.0
Last Habitat: Deep Sea Defense is a sci-fi tower defense game set in a grim future where nuclear wars have left continents uninhabitable and the last remaining humans are forced to live in an underwater colony. Your mission is to defend this colony from human-eating sea monster attacks by building towers alongside a canyon the enemies use. The game features four tower types with unique properties, four distinct sea monsters of different strength, and a dreadful final challenge that you will encounter on your mission to protect humanity and its last habitat.