Extract Zip or Rar Files

You can use Winrar For Android.apk or Winrar/7zip from PC.

1. Download all RAR.files. [Exmpl: gta.part1.rar, gta.part2.rar. and further.. ]
2. Make sure the file name sequence and in 1 folder. exmple: sometimes when your download failed and  you redownload again, the files the name will change from gta.part1.rar to gta.part1_2.rar. In this case you must rename the file tobe gta.part1.rar
3. From phone: Use Winrar for android.apk  : search file and extract part1.rar 
4. From PC: use winrar or 7zip and klik part1.rar and extract here.
5. [No need extract the rest of file]
6. If the files is data copy to sdcard/Android/Data/HERE --- But if obb you copy to Sdcard/Android/Obb/HERE.
7. Thats all.