How to Un-Ban youself from any online games.

How to Un-Ban youself  from any online games.

This Tutorial only for Rooted Device.

Download XPrivacy and XPosed framework from the following links.
XPrivacy .

- Install Xprivacy and Xposed Installer.
- Launch Xposed Installer.
- Go to module.
- Tick "XPrivacy" then go back to main menu.
- Go to framework then choose "Install /Update"
- It will ask superuser 'Grant it" and OK to reboot.
- Now continue to Xprivacy setting.

SETTING Xprivacy.
- Launch Xprivacy.
- Open Setting
- Go to bottom and hit "Randomize Now"
- In this case "I suggest capturing the screen with all info, so you can get on back to your game same anytime if you accidentally change the info."
- Back to main menu.
- Now look for the game you want to UNBAN,  "Tick it on the right side".
- Then click the icon app to open it.
- Once it's open click the right softkey and click "Select accounts to allow".
- And choose any "GMAIL" account you have there.
- Once you've done all those steps, you can rejoin any game that banned your device!

Good luck!