March 31, 2016

Crazy Dragon APK MOD High Damage + Defense + MORE

Download Crazy Dragon Apk Mod High Damage ,New Update With Latest Version

★ Game Features ★

# Hero character's appearance and abilities change depending on the equipment!
- Warrior, Mage, consisting of an assassin hero characters will change the appearance and capabilities into nine parts item.
- You can add a more powerful option to set the item.

# Boarding, summons, express your own powerful team of mercenaries that can replace hundreds!
- Toured the hero character is by constructing two mercenaries as a team, you can launch a variety of battlefield strategy.
- Mercenaries have a dedicated skills and increase retention skills the higher the rating.
- You can expand the more powerful combat aboard the dragon of legend.

# Mercenary Heroes and mutual support high-speed level up!
- The hero mercenaries and mercenary training can foster a hero.
- Cradling a total of 12 characters with four teams, you can create a siege troops.

# Play a strategic collaboration in various battles all!
- Siege, 1:01 Heroes, 3:03 War team, the melee ago, Guild ago, no boring fight, such as cracks in an infinite variety of Farmington dungeon.

# The most powerful weapon for victory! Associated skills and combo action!
- Linked to the skills and combos utilizing the skills of dozens of active species can exert a strong power.
- It can be associated skills, combos played, sophisticated strategies to control charging of skill to play.

# Gather in the village to start the adventure!
- The village can only perform this mission meeting between the guild and the user community in an open field made.

# Best Fantasy Dragon romance! The roar of the gwangryong begins.
You can experience the war as a weapon of last resort in keuraeyiji RPG Dragon.


||Game:  Crazy Dragon APK  ||
||Version:  1.0.1040  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: com.mgame.crazydragon   ||
||Internet: Required ||
||Mod:  Damage + Defense + Life Steal + Atk Speed + Run Speed   ||



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