October 29, 2017

Star Raid MOD APK unlimited money & patched

Star Raid MOD APK unlimited money

Download direct link "com.raynsherk.starraid - Star Raid APK mod money & patched" Free modified android strategy games , LATEST VERSION

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Star Raid MOD APK unlimited money

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Market: com.raynsherk.starraid|
Android : 4.1 |
Internet: OFFLINE |
Mod: Money + Patched  |

APK: v1.2.0
The aliens known as 'Zekeroc' have suddenly appeared and have begun to attack the human race. The humans have decided to ally and thus began an endless war with the Zekeroc. The war is unpredictable, humanity has suffered many losses, with few planets left inhabitable.
You are now the commander of the spaceship that is to end this bloody war and achieve victory!

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