November 13, 2017

The Scrungeon Depths MOD APK unlimited health

The Scrungeon Depths APK full premium

Download direct link "com.WhensLunchGames.Scrungeon - The Scrungeon Depths APK mod health" Free modified android action games , LATEST VERSION

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The Scrungeon Depths APK full premium

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Market: com.WhensLunchGames.Scrungeon|
Android : 4.1 |
Internet: OFFLINE |
Mod:  Health |

APK: v1.0
The surface world has been rendered useless. As evil energy weighs heavy on the atmosphere, a chasm opens and births what can only be described as a malignant structure of pure hate. With no where to go but down, our fearless hero thrusts himself into a seemingly endless dungeon that knows nothing but pain and misery. Beings spoken about in whispers since the dawn of time known as the Hollow Ones dwell within, controlling the uncontrollable chaos. Welcome to… The Scrungeon Depths.

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