March 9, 2018

Shadow Stickman: Dark rising APK MOD Unlimited Money

Dark rising APK MOD Download APK "Shadow Stickman: Dark rising APK MOD Unlimited Money" Free modded action games for android.
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Dark rising APK MOD

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Market: starmobile.shadowstickman.darkrising|
Android : 4.1 |
Internet: OFFLINE |
Mod: IAP Cracked  |

APK: v1.0.4
It is 3000 A.D, a might wizard opened the Gate of light, releasing the 4 nature elements to protect the peace of Stickman’s Land. When the Wizard reached his limit, he used his last drops of power to try opening the gate of light to seek for more power. But, the worst happened! A colossal flow of dankness imprisoned for several thousand years burst out and plunged into the soul of the wizard. Once again, The stickman’s land was fill with dankness like the distant past and covered by dangerous groups of monster with incredible power….