April 6, 2018

Original Journey APK MOD Unlimited Money

Original Journey APK

Download apk mod "com.zplay.journey - Original Journey unlimited money" Free modded action game for android.

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Original Journey APK

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Market: com.zplay.journey|
Android : 4.1 |
Internet: OFFLINE|
Mod: money  |

APK: Original
APK: mod
Original Journey is a shooting game with 2D graphics in cartoon style. Its fun gameplay consists of roguelike stages and various sci-fi mechas and weapons. Deep in the universe lies a mysterious planet called the Planet Shadow--A ogreish name that implies lethal gas, floating islands and dark secrets. To save your motherland, you will be travelling to this dangerous destination with the Ato-Ma to explore the magical energy there.


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unfortunately game doesn't load after initial startup of game...
thx in advance...

i thought this problem only happen to me.
on my device the original version also not working.
If you run on android 7.0 or 8.0 try enable storage permission manually from setting, just in case it work for you.


i did what you said [enable all permissions]...
now it is force closing after loading screen...
thx in advance...